Seems that FTE is finally reacting on the fact that you can easily copy their Comprobes firmware to other, regular Bluetooth USB dongles. First, with their new hardware they released earlier this year, also the structure of the firmware has changed. Therefore the newer firmware wont work out of the box the good old way.

Second they seem to have changed their licensing policy. You have to register your software (with your license key) of FTE4BTonline. And, that’s the funny thing, seems that you also have to ‘de-register’ your software online. Means: when you want to install your software somewhere else, de-install it on the other PC and ‘de-register’ it online. Then install it on the other PC. What happens when your old PC is br0ken? No idea.

Anyway.. maybe that way more people will be interested in building their own and free Bluetooth sniffer.

This weekend the CBBQWE08 will take place in Dortmund, Germany, Old Europe. It’s organized by the CCC Dortmund there will be some lectures – I will give an overview of the new security features of Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing – but the main focus of the event is the BBQ and having some fun. I hope it will be good weather.

Remark: FTE changed something in their firmware, therefore the described way does not work anymore!

Found this slides, which give you a nice 20min walk through for changing your BT dongle to a BT sniffer.

Seems that I have missed one of the most interesting speeches at 24C3.
Henryk Plötz and Karsten Nohl presented the recent developments in reverse engineering the Mifare RFID card. What they basically did is polishing away the different layers of the chip in the Mifare card and then visually analyze the layers, trying to find the cryptographic relevant parts. The security of the low-end Mifare Classic cards is to be concerned as broken. “Start migrating!” ;-) This does not have an impact on the high-end Mifare DESFire card. Check out the video!

Slides 1
Slides 2

Torrent of the video recording in Matroska / Vorbis / H.264
Torrent of the video recording in MPEG-4 / AAC-LC / H.264

Hi there! Greetings from 24C3, the annual hacker meeting of CCC. Some updates on Bluetooth related stuff:

Balle released a new version of bluediving, now available in version 0.9.

A funky new tool has been released at this congress: bluedrift. What driftnet is for ethernet, bluedrift is for Bluetooth. Using a special Bluetooth dongle which is capable of being flashed, you are now able to automatically sniff Bluetooth traffic and extract OBEX data, e.g. electronic vcards or pictures, from your sniff.

Another project I didn’t know before is the Wave Bubble by ladyada: “A design for a self-tuning portable RF jammer”

Best cite of the congress: “MIT doesn’t teach you how to fuck GSM-Networks” — Ladyada

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