24C3: Bluetooth Stuff

Hi there! Greetings from 24C3, the annual hacker meeting of CCC. Some updates on Bluetooth related stuff:

Balle released a new version of bluediving, now available in version 0.9.

A funky new tool has been released at this congress: bluedrift. What driftnet is for ethernet, bluedrift is for Bluetooth. Using a special Bluetooth dongle which is capable of being flashed, you are now able to automatically sniff Bluetooth traffic and extract OBEX data, e.g. electronic vcards or pictures, from your sniff.

Another project I didn’t know before is the Wave Bubble by ladyada: “A design for a self-tuning portable RF jammer”

Best cite of the congress: “MIT doesn’t teach you how to fuck GSM-Networks” — Ladyada