September 2008

Schneier about the CSI (Cellular Seizure Investigation) stick.

A little device with the size of a lighter which you plug into a cellular phone and sucks out all it’s user data. Right now, it only supports Samsung and Motorola phones, but I think it should be no problem to support other cellular phone brands like Nokia oder Sony Ericsson.

Seems that FTE is finally reacting on the fact that you can easily copy their Comprobes firmware to other, regular Bluetooth USB dongles. First, with their new hardware they released earlier this year, also the structure of the firmware has changed. Therefore the newer firmware wont work out of the box the good old way.

Second they seem to have changed their licensing policy. You have to register your software (with your license key) of FTE4BTonline. And, that’s the funny thing, seems that you also have to ‘de-register’ your software online. Means: when you want to install your software somewhere else, de-install it on the other PC and ‘de-register’ it online. Then install it on the other PC. What happens when your old PC is br0ken? No idea.

Anyway.. maybe that way more people will be interested in building their own and free Bluetooth sniffer.