Hi there, it is getting time for the annual Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, Germany, Old Europe. This time there are many speeches about mobile device security and GSM networks, check out the “Fahrplan”.
I hope to meet some old friends and find some interesting new people. And by the way: Happy Christmas!

Schneier about the CSI (Cellular Seizure Investigation) stick.

A little device with the size of a lighter which you plug into a cellular phone and sucks out all it’s user data. Right now, it only supports Samsung and Motorola phones, but I think it should be no problem to support other cellular phone brands like Nokia oder Sony Ericsson.

Camp is over. Unfortunately I did not have enough spare time to write a in depth review, but I can say it was a lot of fun and very interesting. I didn’t enjoy the lectures very much, because the acoustic was lousy and the content of the lectures was not as good as I expected. But the concept of villages with people of same interests was very good. That way it was very easy to meet people with the same interests. One very interesting lecture was about the A5 Cracking Project. The projects goal is to implement a practical attack on the A5 cipher used in GSM networks. The cipher has already been broken in 1998 after the specs leaked into public because someone forgot to sign a NDA. But until now there is no public implementation of the attacks. There is a Wiki where the project is coordinated, check it out. That stuff is at the very top of my agenda. hmm, maybe not at the very top, but at the top ;-).

Anyway, due to the great atmosphere at the camp (especially during the night), I enjoyed it very much. Check out the flickr slideshow. I also made some photos, mostly night shots: