Remark: FTE changed something in their firmware, therefore the described way does not work anymore!

Found this slides, which give you a nice 20min walk through for changing your BT dongle to a BT sniffer.

Slides of the Bluetooth Hacking lecture on the Easterhegg 2007 as odp and pdf. I was together with Bastian Ballmann, author of the Bluetooth penetration suite bluediving at the easterhegg workshop weekend in Hamburg. Together we gave an overview on usual and advanced Bluetooth tools, explained how it is possible to crack a Bluetooth Pairing and where the limits of Bluetooth sniffing are. Finally we did some Bluetooth dongle firmware tuning and replaced the firmware on a Bluetooth dongle.

I just found the slides for an old lecture on Bluetooth Sniffing I did for university one year ago. However, it’s in German.