Now this is not really wireless, but a least it has to do something with security in the air. 😉

According to The Inquirer, referencing an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) report, it seems that the guys at Boeing don’t know basic network security concepts, like for example network segmentation. The network access for passengers seems to be in the same network like plane’s control, navigation, communication, etc. Seems that Boeing is going to fix this, but I can’t wait until first passengers start messing around with the final system.

As balle already pointed out, there is a major Bluetooth Bug in iPhones. The SDP-Service can be exploited to execute arbitrary code. The funny thing with iPhones is, that even when Inquiry Scan is disabled (“hidden Bluetooth device”) it’s easy to find out the Bluetooth Address of an iPhone: The WiFi-address is the Bluetooth address incremented by one. When you know the MAC Address of the iPhone, you also know the Bluetooth address.

Another interesting thing: The Metasploit Framework about to be ported to the iPhone. All the applications seem to run as UID 0 on the iPhone – this is going to be fun!

Source: Computerworld

There were some pretty interesting things developments during the last few weeks:

Happy hacking. 🙂

There is a pretty good roundup on wireless security at pauldotcom, covering Wifi, Bluetooth and RFID. The slides give a pretty good overview on various topics and are a great entrance point for wireless hacking.