Pimp your Bluetooth

Different people pointed me at this new Bluetooth Device sold and produced by aircable. They promise that this Bluetooth “Dongle” has up to 30km range. I always thought the theoretically maximum range of Bluetooth is around 3km. Practical approaches extended the range to 1.1 miles, using the BlueSniper Rifle.

Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion the reason for the theoretical limitation is signal propagation delay. When I have more time I will check the spec.

Chaos Communication Camp 2007


This summer I am going to visit the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe). Two years ago i visited a similar camp: What The Hack. I hope the Camp this year will as much fun as WTH, or even more (actually I am pretty sure.). 😉

Besides the many interesting people you can meet there, there are some pretty interesting lectures, too. Just have a look at the Fahrplan.
There will be some WEP-Hacking by Eric, some Fun with NFC Mobile Phones and some other RFID Stuff 1, 2, some oLd 5cHO0l h@cK1n9 and many other interesting things…

I would love to meet some of the visitors and commenter of this blog. As usual there will be a huge phone-network on the campsite, feel free to contact me via eventphone‘s DECT-Network: 4674

Happy hacking out there, see you soon!