July 2007

Different people pointed me at this new Bluetooth Device sold and produced by aircable. They promise that this Bluetooth “Dongle” has up to 30km range. I always thought the theoretically maximum range of Bluetooth is around 3km. Practical approaches extended the range to 1.1 miles, using the BlueSniper Rifle.

Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion the reason for the theoretical limitation is signal propagation delay. When I have more time I will check the spec.

This summer I am going to visit the Chaos Communication Camp in Finowfurt near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe). Two years ago i visited a similar camp: What The Hack. I hope the Camp this year will as much fun as WTH, or even more (actually I am pretty sure.). 😉

Besides the many interesting people you can meet there, there are some pretty interesting lectures, too. Just have a look at the Fahrplan.
There will be some WEP-Hacking by Eric, some Fun with NFC Mobile Phones and some other RFID Stuff 1, 2, some oLd 5cHO0l h@cK1n9 and many other interesting things…

I would love to meet some of the visitors and commenter of this blog. As usual there will be a huge phone-network on the campsite, feel free to contact me via eventphone‘s DECT-Network: 4674

Happy hacking out there, see you soon!

If you are interested in Bluetooth hacking you might want to join the channel #bluetooth in the freenode ircnet. Not yet very crowded, but i hope that will change soon.

The source code for Bluetooth sniffing under Linux has just been released. It uses the popular FTS4BT hardware. Now you can use your sniffer under Linux, too.

More information on the ‘Open Source BT Sniffer’: Full Disclosure mailing list.

A nice overview about the available Bluetooth security tools and documents: Bluetooth Penetration Testing Framework

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