Slides for modifying your BT dongle into a sniffer

Remark: FTE changed something in their firmware, therefore the described way does not work anymore!

Found this slides, which give you a nice 20min walk through for changing your BT dongle to a BT sniffer.

6 thoughts on “Slides for modifying your BT dongle into a sniffer”

  1. Kind of pointless, seeing how nearly impossible it is to find capable dongles.
    I’ve personally purchased 6 dongles – 1 of which could actually be modified. Having carefully followed the procedure outlined I ended up with a $80 brick. Those who have gotten this to work say you need to be about 3ft away from the master device to capture any meaningful data anyway. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

  2. You are totally correct. It is difficult to modify a dongle, and if you know what you are doing (as in reading documentation) it’s even possible.

    and yes, it’s difficult to get a dongle which you can modify.

    anyway would be kind of interesting to know what dongle you bought for 80$ and how you bricked it. As I already wrote it’s even possible to recover a dongle with a casira box, or some home brew hardware.

  3. It was an Ezurio class 1 EDR.
    Something went awry when flashing with dfutool, leaving the device inaccessible.
    I may attempt to rescue it later, but I’ve kind of lost interest for the moment.

    Sorry if my first post comes across as aggressive and sarcastic. I was feeling a tad frustrated when I wrote it ;-P

  4. I got the ezurio from rs components (1st google hit).
    There should be some fujitsu dongles availabe soon which I believe are flashable (and considerably cheaper than the ezurio).
    I think I’ll try again with one of those.

  5. I also bricked my dongle ! exactly the same way as Visitor did. Mine was also Ezurio and I don’t have access to casira box, is there any way I can recover my dongle ?

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